How to install Shadowsocks server with BandwagonHost VPS?


VPNASK have published tutorials about  BandwagonHost VPS:What is the best way to cross the great firewall in China?BandwagonHost VPS with Shadowsocks and How to buy BandwagonHost VPS for Shadowsocks with coupon and promo code?If you want to build your own server,VPNASK recommends BandwagonHost.Of course you can choose what you like.

In this article,VPNASK will show you how to install Shadowsocks server with BandwagonHost VPS after we rent BandwagonHost VPS step by step.

If you haven’t had BandwagonHost VPS,you can check this tutorial:How to buy BandwagonHost VPS for Shadowsocks with coupon and promo code?After you bought it,you can check tutorials below.

1.After we finish our order,we can go back to BandwagonHost home page.We enter our Client Area,and find My Services.2.We click KiwiVM Control Panel and enter our control panel.
3.We choose Main Controls on the left sidebar,we can check our server info,we had better remember our server IP address.Our default operating system is Centos.We can only install Shadowsocks server under this system with One-Click installation. Of course you can install other operating system like Ubuntu and Debian except you can install Shadowsocks server by yourself.
4.We click Shadowsocks Server on the left sidebar,we will enter the control panel,we click Install Shadowsocks Server button,Shadowsocks Server will be installed after some minutes.
5.We click Shadowsocks Server after installations.And we can check some info about Shadowsocks Server.It’s very important for us to remember Shadowsocks Server EncryptionServer PortServer Password and Server IP Address in main controls panel.These are the key to connect server with Shadowsocks.
6.We have finished Shadowsocks server installations with BandwagongHost VPS.We will download Shadowsocks client for your devices.You can download your own device version.Shadowsocks supports Android、IOS、Windows and  Mac OS.

Shadowsocks Download:Shadowsocks Download

All in all,BandwagonHost is a worthy way to go pass GFW to access Google、Youtube and other blocked websites.VPNASK will provide more tutorials about BandwagonHost with Shadowosocks.

If you think it’s not good for you,I think you can check this:Best VPNS for China 2017!




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